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CM 99-47

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I have this one coming up this weekend.  I made up some "possible" numbers.  

Freestyle string:  1.50 + .50 + .50 + .50 + .35 = 3.35

Strong- hand string:  1.80 + .75 + .75 + .75 + .65 = 4.70

Weak-hand string:  2.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 + .75 = 5.75

total time = 13.80

figure 65 out of 75 points

That would yield a hit factor of 4.7101, which is right at 75% (Limited).  I would be very happy with that for the amount of time (none) that I spend on strong/weak hand.

My question...are the splits above realistic ?

And,  could I skip the middle target on the weak-hand run and not get a procedural?  (It would likely cost me more time than the hit would be worth.)

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Failure to engage penalties would apply.  Of course if you crank a round right over the head, you could argue that you engaged and missed the target.  But in the time that takes you might just make a head shot.  You could also just shoot heads on the lower targets, thereby keeping it consistent.

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I had an AWESOME run going - last 2 shots, the freakin wind LITERALLY blew my arm off of the target just as I fired - so I ended up with 2 misses.  GRRRR!  

Wonder if I can get it thrown out?

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No scores yet - I'll post it as soon as they are up on the web.

 Scores are up!  Here's how I did...

15.41 seconds but only 37 points = HF 2.4010

I have one of the fastest times, but those 2 misses KILLED me.  Damn wind :-)

(Edited by Shooter Grrl at 9:06 am on June 12, 2002)

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egads, I haven't come across this classifier in four and a half years, then I shoot it two weeks in a row.

This time, Limited again, with three misses! Freestyle and strong hand! Got all my hits weak hand.

Mark my words, if I ever see this one again I'm going to ace it, 75 points no matter how long it takes.

[Edited for math, 5x15, duh.]

(Edited by Erik Warren at 10:05 am on June 18, 2002)

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Shot this today shooting Limited Minor with my Beretta. Went in a "U" for each string, starting at the top left target. ended up with 65 points in 13.97 seconds for a HF of 4.653. Looks like it will be about 74%. Very happy with this since it was my first decent Limited score. Shot it in Production too...it was ugly. Crunched a shot into the hard cover on the first string and just sprayed for the next two.

(Edited by TheItlianStalion at 4:36 pm on Nov. 24, 2002)

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Shot this one yesterday. First clasifier in about 4-5 years (Thats right years. I have been letting work get in the way of my fun)

59 points 20 penalty points 25.21seconds

Looks like I need alot more practice. Dry firing here I come

Oh yeah I still had a blast! :D

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Saw this one for the first time yesterday. Started with the head on each string, planning that first shot as deliberate.

9-A, 3-B, 3-C 18.09 3.4826 HF, should be close to a 60%. As a mid "C" Production shooter, I'll take it, especially after watching the better shooters crash and burn.

Flex, this is a perfect one for a Minor B=4!!

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Shot this one at my home club match a couple of weekends ago.

Very Humbling ~ Total CrashNBurn

Limited Gun

35 points 6 misses 14.20

HF: BIG FAT 0 :o

Reshot it

60 points 2 misses 14.33

HF: 2.791

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Shot this one this weekend with Limited SV.

65 points 1 Miss 9.70 sec 5.6701hf

I was smokin on this one til the weak hand head shot. My first string was a 2.6somethin

This can't be right, can it? I come up with a 90.33%, even with the miss. Jake?

If it is right, ROFL!!!!?!?!?! A 90% with a MISS!!?!?!?!?!

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