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Anybody Ever Run There Ar Without The Buffer Retainer Pin/spring?

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I don't use one in my rifles that have an scs, but do in everything else. The buffer should not hit the pin if everything is fit right. If it does, you have other problems.

That said, you can absolutely run it without a pin without any detriment to function. Just remember it doesn't have one when you take it apart! I actually managed to destroy a trigger in my PCC when I forgot and half a pound of steel shot into the back of my hammer. I've since put the pin back in, even if it is more of a pain to take the buffer in and out.

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On 3/13/2006 at 4:31 PM, SinistralRifleman said:

Removing it will eliminate the possiblity of breakage, and puts constant positive forward pressure on the bolt carrier, also theoretically making the rifle more reliable.


The constant forward pressure smooths out buffer cycling...  no gap...  Has to eliminate some of the shock when using a Blitzkrieg fluid buffer...  Should help eliminate the buffer head breaking off or coming loose.


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I've had a well used Palmetto State A2 rifle lower lock up 3 times and not be able to cycle. After I got it apart, the buffer retaining pin had stopped retaining the buffer. The stock screw to tighten it had worked loose. I always thought that pin had to be there. I'll have to take another look at this one and see exactly what was causing the stoppage. It wasn't an immediate action type of stoppage, it was a broken gun type of stoppage. Interesting, I'll revisit that one.

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