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Steve Anderson

New Beginnings?

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I was eating dinner with a friend of mine last night...we're both having a rough go of it these days.

As we got up to leave, I realized my wallet was missing. I did the frantic "where's my wallet" dance and ran outside to the truck, looking all around it.

I finally found it on the dash...we went through the drive thru and then decided NOT to eat KFC on the road and went inside to eat. :)

A kindly older gentleman stopped by our table and said, "I gotta ask, what did you lose that was so urgent?"

I told him and ne nodded and smiled. (all guys have been there)

He then asked, "Is this a new beginning for you two?"

I was dumbfounded by this.

He said, "Your license plate says 2 aplha, and alpha means beginning. So 2 alpha would be 2 new beginnings, right?"

My friend told him the real meaning of the plate and he found that very interesting.

I was too busy thinking about what he had said...

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Very thought provoking tale. Should be in the Zen forum.

The seeds of change sown by the weathered hand of a stranger, in a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint.

Wait, better leave the KFC out, it alters the mystery of the moment. :D In all seriousness, Steve how often are our minds, like a stream, be redirected when a small pebble is placed in its path. Maybe your stream is about to become less turbulent.

Or it could be your new beginning involves crushing chest pains and a tunnel of light from eating all that fried chicken. :P All joking aside I hope your "rough go of it" gets better.

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