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What Is Your Absolute Single Favorite Movie?

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If I have to pick JUST one... Shawshank Redemption hands down.

Other movies I can't seem to get myself to turn off if they're on TV:

Fight Club

The Matrix

Cool Hand Luke

The Boondock Saints


American History X

Dances with Wolves

High Fidelity

Kill Bill 1 and 2

Primal Fear

Most any superhero movie

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If any of you literary geniuses have ever read Out of Africa it is difficult not to rate the movie as great, but.....depressing. The Wild Bunch has to be one of the best westerns (kinda) ever made, but.....depressing. Really surprised I didn't see any mention of The Kingdom, which was an all out go get 'em kill terrorists movie with a lot of insight into the Middle East, until the closing scene and then it became....depressing. Jeez, I'm going to quit writing and go check my meds............

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Boggy to Nazi Major - "There are some parts of New York City you shouldn't try to invade."

Here's looking at you kid.


"Like dude, they can't put it on the internet if it's not true!" A. Lincoln

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