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Benelli M2 Mag Spring


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My new to me M2 tactical, is difficult to insert shells, even the first. It seems like excessive spring tension. Is there an aftermarket spring that would fix this, or is shortening the OEM spring to get where it is a more manageable tension? 

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Wondering if you might have a replacement spring that never got trimmed.

Many replacement springs come in one length, some long enough to function with huge three gun extensions, and need to be cut off, typically extending 12"-14" longer than the tube (for automatics). 

Simple enough to take it out and see how long it is. 

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I had it out and it was loooong. I would have said I guess 14" longer than the tube, but I was slightly traumatized, wondering how I was going to get all that spring back into the gun. 


If I do need to cut the spring, do I have to close the end?



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