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Hello from St. Pete

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Hey guys, new user clearly.


About 8 months ago I moved back to St. Pete after close to 20 years between LA/NY to help out with some elderly family.


20 years ago I was on the Wyoming Antelope Club’s jr Olympics team shooting smallbore bullseye for about a year. Ended up selling all my firearms in my early 20s cause I was taking a job out of the country that ended up falling through last minute.


About two years back I decided I wanted to get back into competition shooting and bought a Smith & Wesson Model 41 because I had always wanted one and started going to the range again regularly. 

I decided I wanted to get into Steel Challenge, but couldn’t find anywhere in LA that had practice or good info and ended up just going to the range a lot.


When I got to St. Pete in October I immediately joined up with the WAC again, took their “Intro to Action Shooting” class (which got me some side eye for showing up with an Atlas Athena and an Alien), and then started competing in Steel Challenge.

After my 6th or 7th match, 2nd place in Class C for RFPO with that Model 41 w/ a C-More, I started getting coaching and built out a Volquartsen Black Mamba w/ an SRO.


I am on my 18th match now. I’ve won 2. I’m now an A in RFPO and pushing M, prob in the next month or two, pretty consistently getting GM times in practice.


Anyway, I’m excited to see LO starting to gain some voices in SC - my Atlas Athena will be perfect for that.


But I shot my first real open race gun the other day - a Brazos custom in 38 super - and that is more fun than should be legal so now I haveta find one for a reasonable price and Reddit told me to come here lol.



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