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Sg Challenge Invitation Poll


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Hi all;

It's December 26 and I find myself with two slots still empty for the SHOOTING GALLERY Invitational — TJ bailed for work reasons and TGO never responded. The Outdoor Channel/SHOOTING GALLERY is reserving one of those slots for our choice, but I thought I'd let you guys pick the the other, if you'd like. Here's a list of 10 names...highest vote total by Friday, 30 December, 5PM Mountain gets the invitation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

Michael B

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Hell, I'm honored just to be on the list! :)

Wait a minute...I'm at the bottom! Crap! :(

Being on the same weekend as the Florida Open makes things a bit tougher, but there's plenty of shooting to go around!

Good luck!


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As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often!

Anyhow, I had an idea for a made-for-TV shooting event, which would basically pit the top shooters against each other on 6 very specifically designed — very hard — stages. The stages would be designed against the big dawgs' weaknesses, as opposed to playing to their strengths (as is the case with the current iteration of USPSA and IDPA) and be VERY telegenic, designed from the ground up to accomodate the camera. My producing partner and I thought (and still think) we could redefine the way shooting sports are filmed and presented to the public. With the Great Outdoor Games down for 2006 — and possibly the firearms part of the GOG gone for good — there's a huge vacuum on televised shooting sports, and, quite frankly, we wanted to fill it.

A second goal was one we identified when I worked with the National Shooting Sports Foundation — do a better job of creating "heroes" and introducing them to a wider media market. TGO and TJ have been the recipients of quite literally millions of dollars in promotion money over more than two decades, yet they are really well known in only a tiny niche. An example would be that our top shooters are much less well known (and less well paid) than professional bowlers, despite the fact that there are many more shooters than bowlers these days.

Thirdly, we wanted to "beta-test" a format, with an eye toward a much larger, much broader national match in 2007.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, as do so many other things...I now wish I had elected to stay home and drive a nail in my foot, which would be every bit as much fun. LOL!


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All on the list are good choices.

Personally... I would like to see Matt Burkett play the game. He may not have been grabbing Headlins in the IPSC/USPSA world but he is still tearing up the circuit in the 3 gun world and international arena. I would vote for Matt but since he is not on the list I voted for Julie.


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Since its sounds like a crossover type match, I'd like to see Brian Zins (like 7 times National Conventional Pistol Champ) have a chance the next time around. (Well, it is my specialty.)

He does do a little teaching for the MC now and then and I understand he's dabbling in USPSA with a couple of XD's that somebody has tuned up for him. But I think he's still on the mend from shoulder surgery this November....


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lim10gm wrote:

"How 'bout an under-the-radar, sneak-attack, come from no where kinda guy. I say we pick a less known, but deadly-legit BE.com member."

- not a bad idea at all; how about one of the young guns: Jake, BJ, or Horner?

I also like the BE idea; how about it, Brian? Had your name been added to the above list, it would have been no contest.

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