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Howdy All - New to RNG & 3GUN

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Long time lurker finally made an account. Bit of a gear nerd.

-I am new to 3GUN and Run & gun did my first 3Gun match this weekend, and my first RNG in April.

Currently using a STI or Staccato, F1 AR-15 w/ Burris XTRII 1.5-8x dual focal plane, and a Benelli SBE3 with Briley 3Gun parts.

-STI/Staccato Fan - My first competition gun was a DVC 3-Gun. I also have a DVC Open and a Staccato C2 Limited with the Dawson Ice Comp.

-2yr USPSA shooter

-Got a CZ 457 to shoot some NRL/PRS 22 but have yet to do anything other than plink with it.

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