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You Know You're A Shooter When....


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...you spend more on ammunition than on groceries (easier to do than you think!)

...you think a mortgage is a terrible waste of shooting money.

...people automatically phone you at the gun dealer's before bothering to call you at home.

...you go to the match site anyway on a rainy day just to bitch about the weather.

…the smell of bug spray reminds you of summer matches.

…you go to divorce court and are willing to give up everything except your reloading equipment and used brass.

…you don't remember your anniversary or your mother's birthday, but you know what your match scores have been for the past two and a half years.

…your business suits have oversized belt loops.

…you can't imagine anybody going on vacation without their range bag.

…tan is your favorite color.

…you refer to your girlfriend dumping you as a "DQ."

…your gun costs more than your car.

…you forget to lower your voice when talking to your non-shooting friends.

…you know to the foot how many yards it is from your driveway to the range.

...you're named "co-defendant" in your UPS guy's Workman's Comp case.

...you find yourself carting a wagon with a cooler and range bag around with you everywhere you go.

...you double tap the shutter button on your camera when you take a picture.

...your gun shop charges you rent.

...you yell "shooter ready!" while standing in front of a urinal.

...the first number on your phone speed-dialer is to Dillon Precision.

...you won't buy a sports car because there's no room in the trunk for your range gear.

...what everyone thinks is your aftershave is really Hoppe's #9.

...you have no clean towels but your black BDU's are dry-cleaned every week.

...you practice dry-firing in front of your TV during "The Muppets" and "The Simpsons" because primary colors are easier to see.

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You have AD'ed at least once in your shooting room...

Someone you gave a ride to a match shot a hole in your car/truck

Your favorite topic of conversation with your shooting buds is how to best game a stage

You'd rather watch the TT reload video than the VS lingerie show

Your shooting belt cost 2 or 3 times what your dress belt did

You have enough ear muffs to take the entire neighborhood to the range

You don't think 5 k loaded rounds is nearly enough

Your spouse thinks you are looking at porn in your gun room you are there so much

You schedule your vacation around the Natl's or Area shoots

You get put out when "her" girl friends don't know who TGO is

You have many mayo jars of spent primers

You cried when Hensley & Gibbs went out of business

Your 'smith is first on your Christmas card list

You present your spouse with a Dillon catalogue to find your Christmas gifts

You'd rather talk about the Dillon Cover girls than those on Playboy

You often wonder if Margaritas could be improved by adding a pinch of Bullseye

You think nothing of driving to work in your shooting glasses with amber lenses yr round

You have 4 dozen different recoil springs but only 3 pair of sox

Your spouse thinks the money you send to Montana Gold is in support of a mining effort

Your hands form the perfect shooting grip at a cocktail party when not holding a drink

There may be more, will post them later..

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The voicemail message on my cell phone is... "Caller ready? Stand-by. , Then the beep from my timer."

It's amazing shooters know exactly what to do, and non-shooters also know exactly what to do, they just aren't sure why!

...The only thing you ask for, is gift certificates from Shooters Connection.


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Your friends refuse to see ANY films containing firearms with you.

You consider concealed carry any time you shop for clothes (and you are a very happy & lucky person if your significant other considers that too, when they shop for you :D )

You have Brownells on speed dial (or Dillon, or Midway, or....)

When BATFE shows up at the house, and says they want to talk to you about your gun purchases, you say: "I'll tell you anything you want to know, just don't tell my wife!!!"

When the local news headline reads: "Police discover arsenal of weapons" and you think: "Hope that wasn't my house" followed by" "You call that an arsenal? I take more then that to the range everytime I practice...."

Your guns and range bag are worth more then the car you're driving to the range.

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- Whenever anyone asks you how much something weighs you give it to them in grains instead of pounds.

- You can spit the Ventouri jet principle and how it relates to Open guns like it's The Pledge of Allegance

- One arm is SIGNIFICANTLY leaner than the other (working the press).

- The dog wears a helmet from falling mags.

- You know the location of every lightswitch in your house and the split times between them

- Holiday one: If someone asks you how tall your Christmas tree is, you ask do you want OAL (i.e. including the stand and star/angel)?

- Empty tubes of Pro-Grip make great ornaments!

- The Dillon and Brownells catalogs are your ONLY coffee table books.

SPC Richard A. White, Senior Medic

249th MP Detachment (EACF)

Camp Humphreys, ROK

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The UPS guy delivers 20k bullets and asks you how long they will last. You say 2 to 3 months and he does not believe you untill he is delivering the next 20k two months later.

Your 5 year old grand daughter recites gun safety rules to her other grand dad.

You have written permission from your wife to remove your wedding ring when dry firing. The darn thing hurts the 20th time it smacks your knuckle let alone the 200th time.

It is not considered weird by your co-workers. That when opening the door into the shop you mimic shooting all of the tire machines while moving across the shop.

The local police don't want you to shoot with them anymore. Sore loosers. Hey you shot a Sig just like theirs. Well it looked like theirs on the outside.....(:

You purchased heavy duty industrial shelving to hold the boxes of your brass.

Your excited when one of your non shooting friends buys a new Dillion, cause you know you will be buying it at a huge discount in a few months. He is the founding member of the hobby of the month club.

Shooters Connection and Powder Valley are the only charges listed on your credit card bill 6 months running.

Your family asks if there are any big matches the first weekend in August. And if not can you come to the reunion.

You drive 2 hours one way for every match you shoot. And are thrilled to do it. Not just for the shooting but to share the day with the best group of people you have ever known. Out shooting certain members of this group is a big draw also.

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"You'd rather watch the TT reload video than the VS lingerie show" --tightloop
TL, you're lying!! :P

So, you whip out little wallet-sized photos from your pocket collection and they're not of your family or kids, they're photos of your guns.......

You're female and you want to impress (or freak out) a male visitor. You say, "Wanna see my reloader...??" :lol:

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- you find empty cases and loose rounds in the washing machine after your jeans are washed

- you need more than one box to hold the T-shirts from matches you've been to

- you think any belt under an inch and a half by a quarter inch is wimpy

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You calculate exactly how many matches you can squeeze into your allocated annual holiday time at the start of the year.

The head of security for Qantas knows you by first name from travelling on flights with firearms so often.

When you "game" shootings on the news, and describe a better way to have completed the course of fire.

When it a meeting thinking .... I could hit that .... I could hit that .... etc.

When your neighbours constantly ask ..."whats that clicking sound"

You can't sleep without the hum of a tumbler.

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