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Shotgun shell carriers two good, one bad hodge podge mix..

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I have been practicing loading the various shotguns I have, with the carriers I have.. a taccom 20 round chest rig, a gunner EZ8 and an APcustom 4x4.


I bought them some time ago to experiment, having only used canvas usgi pouches in the past.



I'm able to quad load quite easily with the EZ8 loader, and I like the design of the ap custom although it does not allow quad loading.


The taccom... in an ideal environment I can quad load, but just barely, it retains the shells too tightly while simultaneously giving the feeling they will fall out and/or misalign if I break wind, really dislike this rig immensely. 


I understand AP custom disappeared a few years ago leaving some po'd customers with depleted funds, but due to belt space I would be happy with the ability to add 3 of these to my 3 gun belt. (currently have one)


The EZ8 takes up more belt real-estate but I could squeeze 3 on my belt. (again currently have one)


so due to availability, I will be getting a couple more of the gunner ez8's and be on the lookout for some apcustoms 4x4's in the used market.


Another I wanted to try was a safariland 12 round but they don't seem to list them on the safariland website anymore.



all pictures stolen from the interwebz....









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13 minutes ago, TonytheTiger said:

How are you able to quad load using the AP and EZ8? They're certainly not designed for it.



just the ez8, it's actually quite EZ, just reach 2 down and grab 4 at a time, the thin divider between the stack has no effect

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Here are the EZ8 and AP 4X4 on my rig for comparison. 

I could fit 3 AP in the space of two EZ8’s. 

I am still and always will interject a modem of practicality in my rig over the competition speed aspect. 




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I found a source for AP 4x4 knock offs from El China, I'll report when I get them (x2)


I'll order a couple gunner Ez8's today or tomorrow.


I figure that should cover me for all my whiz-band shotgun loading needs....


Ordered the MOA stock adapter so I can add my SGA magpul stock to my m3k



I still prefer my 4+1 1971 Ithaca 37...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got the extras I had on order in.


I am still going to order a couple more of the EZ8 shell carriers, and see what works best for me, vs. the 4x4’s


Depending on loadout I could fit 3 ez8 shotshell holders =24 shells


I could fit 4 of the 4x4’s in the same space or less


I didn’t need a second ar mag pouch, but I was placing an order with blade tech anyway so I thought I’d try theirs out.. so far I really like it.  It will replace the taco pouch.


I got another belt… just as nice as my others (ghost,shootersconn,black scorpion)

3 single stack pouches = 30 or 24 extra rounds

2 dubble stack pouches = 42 rounds

and my holster can be switched to my dubble stack pistola easily.





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by the way the 4x4's by way of China are exactly the same as the AP's.  I do need to remove the spring screws and loc tite them.


and I looked closer at my original AP, and it too has a knock off (non-blade tech) tek lok.....

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