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Old 556 upper to 300blk?


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First up while I have a lot of experience with it handguns, but my rifle/AR15 experience is still low with less than 3-3.5k rounds. 

I have a Daniel DDM4v7 that I ran, then Form 1’ed for an SRB and built a new upper for an 11.5 setup. I was wanting to maybe try a 300BLK for suppressed home defense. I have the old Daniel upper and barrel sitting in the safe and was wondering if I could pull the barrel and use the upper for a 300blk build or just leave it and built a complete upper?

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On 1/24/2023 at 4:39 PM, TonytheTiger said:

Absolutely, just needs the barrel change and likely a different length of gas tube and you're in business.

Thanks 🙏 


7 hours ago, Knight85 said:

They should fit fine, as long as both upper and lower are within spec.


the upper came off this lower and ran fine for 1800’ish rounds together. I would just be putting a new hand guard and barrel on the upper

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