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Benelli M2 Bolt Lock problem

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Was the gun working properly, then started doing this?


Without pushing the drop lever (silver tab) if you cycle the bolt by hand does the shell lifter move up/down as it should to bring a shell up toward the chamber?


Does the bolt lock in to this “halfway forward” position when you fire the last shell in the gun? Or just when cycling by hand?

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Briley’s was able to diagnose the problem today. 

The Sure Cycle Recoil tube that I forgot to mention is shorter than the stock recoil tube and this was causing the TTI recoil spring to bunch up preventing the block to go back far enough to reach the rear latch and that’s why the block would slide forward. 

Trimming off some of the spring coils from the TTI recoil spring resolved the problem. 


I totally did not think of that and I wanted to share this with everyone,,, 


Took her to the range this afternoon for a torture test and she didn’t miss a beat!! 

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