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9mm 6” Longslide Hybrid-Tribrid barrel… will it run?


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If I wanted to make a top end for range and steel and stuff, would factory/typical 9mm have enough oomph to cycle a 6” slide with a Tribrid barrel?  Perhaps modest lightening on the slide (the long hybrid cut and tritop).


Or is that just too much porting with too much slide to have a hope of running typical ammo? If not, think the regular Hybrid 2-Comp or Hybrid 3-Ported could do it.


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I don’t know why the Scheumann barrels aren’t more popular (not they they’re not), but when you consider shop costs of extra slide lightening and porting on top of installing a great barrel… they’re cheap.  Installing a $350 schuemann gets you a top tier barrel, lighter slide, and effective porting.

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