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Hornady Conversion BUshing on Dillon RL1100

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Ok, so this is my situation: I load for 9mm major in the 1100 and the press is dedicated for this.  I also have another recipe for 9mm that I shoot with a carbine in competitions.  This is done in a different press.  I am getting a Mr Bullet feeder for the 1100 and was thinking of reloading both recipes in the same 1100.  For the sake of not loosing the specs on the dies that are already set up in the 1100, I was thinking of only changing the powder measure, powder check and seat/crimp die since these are specific to the different applications.  In order to bypass having to buy a separate 1100 tool head, I was thinking of installing the Hornady conversion bushing on the press, and inside that, the LnL regular bushing attached to the dies. 


That way, I only have to remove the powder measure, checker and seater with a simple twist; install the new ones and I'm GTG.  Am I making sense?  Has anyone had to do this or tried this?  My concern is that by adding the extra height of the conversion bushing and regular LnL bushing that the die will not reach deep enough.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 4.57.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 6.04.45 PM.png

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On 11/21/2022 at 3:09 PM, Chapo said:

I was thinking of installing the Hornady conversion bushing on the press

As the other poster wrote, the tool head has different thread sizes. If you want the Hornady conversion bushing you will have to custom thread the Dillon tool head. It would be far better to buy a new tool head and just swap it out. 

Unless you have the machining capability the cost of re-threading the Dillon Tool head probably exceeds the price of buying a new one. 


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I load major/minor on the 1100.  Swap the powder measure, adjust the dies accordingly and roll.  Resetting the seat and crimp dies takes about two minutes if you have a round already loaded to your spec.  I don't think the effort involved is worth the cost of a new tool head, especially if you're going to load a few thousand or whatever at a time.

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