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Anyone running Brass Monkey 180 gn .40 in their TSO?


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Just ordered a sample pack and need some help deciding on an OAL to run. My trusted OAL in my TSO is 1.130. These brass monkey rounds are passing the plunk test all the way out to 1.188. I understand that the TSO will have feeding/ ejection issues past around 1.170 and I've seen that the TS mags work with a max around 1.135-1.140. 


My question is if I load down to the 1.14-1.15 range, will my jump to lands distance be too far? 


Anyone running this bullet in their TSO that can share their OAL? 



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10 hours ago, Superkaratemonkeyfighter said:

Why would you deviate from 1.130 if it’s working ? 
what are you trying to achieve ?

I worry there may be an issue with such a large jump to the lands, would be almost .06" which seems like quite a lot. Really just trying to verify if I can load this new round so short given it's max OAL

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