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14 minutes ago, Racinready300ex said:


I found threads here going back to 2010 talking about slide mounting dots on open 2011's.  There may be older stuff but I think some of it's likely gone now. 


It's also worth noting old threads had a lot of talk about dots being a fad and now look at us. 


In about 2010 I had a Caspian frame slide ride open gun. It had a j point on it. It was old and well used when I got it

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A serious question here without any bias involved in these question.  Please answer honestly as I will defer to those being around USPSA way longer than I have. 


Is the reason that 2011s dominate Limited and Open due to the nature of Major PF?   The reason I ask this is you see many people in these two divisions that have been here for years if not over a decade.  We see many try other platforms but they do not seem to work out for one reason or another for the most part but that does seem to be changing in Limited.  I think we are seeing that due to having more options in striker fired guns that are high capacity and are coming out in .40.  Plus a couple of guys are most likely getting PAID $$$$ to shoot those platforms.   


I also ask is do we have truly a good representation of a division of High round count, minor and SA triggers allowed and if 2011s would dominant that division?  I would say the answer to those questions are obvious.  


While I agree there may be a situation that many current CO shooters might switch to a 2011 platform in CO if SA triggers were allowed, I do not say we can say that would happen for certain or happen immediately.   I could see a situation for those that stick around for more than 2-3 years they would migrate to a 2011 platform.  I cannot see that for the transient participants, nor those who are on low dollar budgets.  How much of the membership actually sticks around for more than 3 years actively shooting from year to year?

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I think the 2011's a more popular in USA due to the similarity with the 1911. Back when I was shooting in UK there were a few of these guns starting to make their way into competitions, I had one back in 1993, stamped with Chip McCormick.


Until the arrival of double-stack magazines, the go-to was a 1911 .38 Super with a compensator. Glocks were very big in Standard division.


Once the double-stack 9mm/.38 Super guns started they were mostly Tanfoglio's and a few Brownings. I recall a few people shooting Caspian framed guns too, but they were a lot more expensive. Anything coming over from USA got slapped with an import duty in addition to the standard 12-15% sales tax. 


Springfield had the P9's which I think were actually made for them by Tanfoglio.


With a 2011 there is complete freedom of customization, something you don't have with most other guns as they are sold complete and ready to go, whereas most 2011 sales are likely just the frame/grip. This gives more options to the end user but at a much higher cost.


This is why I think it is important to look at the main divisions as a whole; If we have divisions that are dominated by very high cost guns then we should maintain divisions where lower-cost equipment can be competitive.


Having a couple of divisions (Optic and Iron) that tightly limit modifications helps to keep a lid on customization/cost, this opens the sport to a wider economic group of people.

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