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What type of spring metal should I use?


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I am making my own trigger spring sort of. I’m going to order some springs from McMaster and cut and shape the end to size. But they have several different types of metals and I was curious as to what type of metal I want to use? They couldn’t answer my questions probably for insurance reasons. 

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11 hours ago, Johnny_Chimpo said:




I'd focus my time elsewhere.

That was constructive. 

I dry fire 4 times a week, live fire 1-2 times a week. Compete 1-2 times a month. I’ve taken classes, plan on taking more. I watch YouTube videos to help improve. I’ve got two Archon type b’s. One I’ve dedicated to competition the other to daily carry. I’ve been shooting this gun now for almost two years. I’ve only started modifying it recently. I silicon carbided the grip changed the recoil spring. And recently I started learning about springs and I have a really intimate understating of how the archon works.


I am a mechanic, so tools are plenty and all my life I’ve been trying to build it better in everything I do. Customizing cars, customizing computers adding different roms to phones. I go all in on things and I learn a lot in the process.  

Also this forum has been tremendously helpful. I’m no where near my potential but I am grinding. 

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On 11/17/2022 at 11:06 PM, Bench said:

I've had good success with music wire through Amazon.

I got music wire and some stainless steel 302. The stainless 302 has a higher heat temperature. The internet says 17-7 ph stainless is really what u I want but I can’t find any in the size I want. 

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Went with stainless 302. Got the trigger pull down to 2.4 pounds with Lots of experimenting. Only changed the sear spring and the trigger plunger spring. Polished and round one edge on the sear. The take up is real light, no squish. The break is like a rolling break but is crisp. Reset isn’t super short but is nice. Trigger feels amazing. We’ll see how reliable it is. 

At one point I had the trigger pull down to 1.10pounds but the reset was un-reliable. 

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