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Question about shooting a classifier match


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Tomorrow my club is doing a classifier only match. With two sets of squads, AM group and PM.  I signed up to shoot both.. not so much to move up a class, or anything like that. I did it for the experience, and I just love uspsa. This is my first year shooting..  so I’m thinking of shooting my red-dot shield ccw gun in the am. And my CO-tanfoglio in the pm…. I think the classifier stages are great practice for ccw IMO.  my question is will this mess me up in anyway as far as my ranking?  I know I’m not going to be on par with my usual shooting when I shoot my ccw gun. I’m a C shooter.  But my last 2 matches I ran way better.  Closer to a lower A. High B.  
  Personally I don’t care about the letter.  I wanna be in top 5. I’ve been creeping twords the top of the score card with my best finished being 11 and 14 overall. Our matches always are full. I’d say around 70-75 shooters. 


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