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Greedy scammers


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I've been trying to sell an item online for a while over on GB, well last week an individual offers to pay the buy now price and says they will line up a shipper to come get it after the bank draft clears but I will have to pay the shipper with the extra funds included in the bank draft amount.  The bank draft arrives but the amount is $3,500 more than the selling price, this is way too much for shipping the item. I go to the bank and see if this check is any good and it is fraudulent. The account is real but the name on the account doesn't match. After I e-mailed the buyer the check arrived, I received an e-mail to send them a copy of my deposit receipt. This whole deal from the start had me doubting it was real. Wanting to buy it at the buy now when the starting bid was $700 lower, only wanted to communicate by text only (I don't text), in hurry to get the deal done, wanting me to pay the shipper, sending way too much for shipping, wanting a copy of the deposit receipt. I searched the web for the company name on the check and there was a web site but none of the items listed for sale had any prices, I didn't call to see who answered or if the phone number was valid.

Like the old saying "If it's too good to be true it isn't".

Buyers and sellers always be aware for scammers these days.


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