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Which Magwell for Shadow 2?


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I'm looking to configure a Shadow 2 for IDPA Carry Optics, which Magwell should I get?


The magwell needs to:

  • Fit the IDPA box
  • Work with my magazines (Mec-Gar 17 round MGCZ7517AFC)
  • Work with my Basepads (Springer Precision SP0309-Blu, 0.99 oz)
  • Be light as possible (total weight needs to stay under 45oz with empty magazine)


Looks like there are a lot of options out there, and only some list the weight and base-pad compatibility.


Anyone have intel on these?


CZ-USA - CZ Shadow 2 Aluminum Magwell

  • Weight: ?
  • Compatbility: ?


CZ Custom mag well for Shadow 2

  • Weight: ?
  • Compatbility: ?


Toni System Magwell for CZ Shadow 2 - aluminum

  • Weight: 0.69oz
  • Compatbility: "Compatible with short grips and Toni System base pads"


Lok Grips - CZ Shadow 2 Magwell GridLOK Aluminum

  • Weight: 1.07oz
  • Compatbility: "Factory plastic magazine pads- Will work with some minor modifications to the base pad. Will also work with some aftermarket EXTENDED magazine base pads."


Floyd's Custom Shop CZ S2 Magwell

  • Weight: ?
  • Compatbility: "They do not work with Stock Magazine base plates. They are designed to work with our +3 extensions and bases"


Armory Craft Aluminum MAGWELL - Shadow 2

  • Weight: ?
  • Compatbility: "If used with the factory Shadow 2 or MecGar 17rd magazine or 18rd SP01 magazines the Cube Style Plus 1 or Plus 1 For Magwell magazine pads should be used. This magwell will also work with some aftermarket 'Plus' style magazines."


BC CZ Shadow 2 IPSC Standard Division Magwell - Aluminum

  • Weight: 1.87oz
  • Compatbility: "Magwell compatible grips and base pads required.We cannot guarantee direct compatibility with any aftermarket accessories other than BC products."


Springer Precision Limited/Open Magwell for CZ 75 & Shadow 2

  • Weight: 0.85oz
  • Compatbility: "Does not work with our CZ 16rd basepads or other 3rd party basepads.  Must use our 140mm, CZ 17rd, or 18rd basepads."


Springer Precision ESP magwells for CZ 75 & Shadow 2

  • Weight: 0.75oz
  • Compatbility: "Must use our CZ 17rd or 18rd basepads.  Does not work with our CZ 16rd basepads or other 3rd party basepads."


Springer Precision ESP magwell is looking the best so far?

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I use, and have used for 2 years the CZ Custom aluminum magwell. 

The mags i use are the CZ 18 round, the ones that come with the SP01. for the base pad, i use the 17 round mec-gar plastic ones that come on the 17 round mags.

this is what i use on my shadow 2, and with the polymer CGW guide rod, it comes in at 44.8 oz.




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