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DA/SA to 1911 SAO


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I'm really kicking myself right now. I've shot a tanfo or CZ CO gun all year because the girlfriend was shooting CO and I didn't want to reload 2 different rounds. Had a good time with CO but I've had my open gun for a year now and want to shoot open. I was going to start this season but.... see above reason. Well she switched to open finally so now after the season is done I just started practicing with the open gun. Good lord the first session was horrific. The gun runs great, I however have seemed to have forgot how to use my trigger finger with a fine tuned 2011. I can get good splits on .18/.20 but every 5th or so transition I seem to freeze up on the second shot. Before this season all I shot was a 1911/2011 and dont recall having this issue. I didn't expect to now. Ahh well. I guess I have all winter to relearn this. 


What is a good way to break the habbit?

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