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135 Blues & e3


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Had a few minutes tonight and the 135g Blues were whispering to me. I had put most of my stuff away for harvest so it was a scramble to gather up stuff for a quick test before the sun went down. Had 4 mixed brass, Speer, Fed, and Y-A. I knew 2.9 works well with 147’s and 3.2 with 124’s so settled on 3.0 grains. Had my Hellcat pro handy so these are with a 3.7” bbl. With the bullet seated .015 from the lands it comes out to 1.120 for both the Hellcat and my XDM. Hope this shows up good enough to see. They shot well and no complaints on the accuracy considering I haven’t shot for 2 months and only have about 25 rounds through the Hellcat. I know it’s not much but should give someone a place to start. 

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