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Czechmate Slide Stop Pin


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The three I made were for another's gun I was working on. He has them all. The only difference was the one's I made were bright HSS and the CZ ones are a dark finish. Really, the only important specs are the diameter of the rod you use and where one puts the slot for the spring leg that holds it in. The flat and chamfer on the end just allows it to be inserted easy. Just copy the stock.

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Ordered the bar stock from Amazon and they just arrived.  These are 7+ 7/8s long.


Plan to cut the groove with a cutting wheel and file a flat spot to ease getting past the retention spring...


I'll be out of primers long before I use these up...lol...


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Now that I have the rods I marked the length and the slot for the retaining spring with a marker.


The dremel with the flex cable tool and a metal cutting disk was the only tool I used.


Cut the spring slot first. The disk cuts quickly.


Freehand I beveled that end and then back on forth to reduce the diameter just like the factory part.


Finally, cut off the rod with the disk and that was it.


Total time less than 10 minutes.


I have no skills for this sort of thing but it worked out pretty good.


If I knew someone with a CNC etc I would have them make a jig or miter box thingee to make this a breeze.




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