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Gimped Primers


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1 hour ago, TRSmith said:

Could the gun explode or something if the primer isn't perfect?

The gun won't "explode," but it may have a couple of other issues. A damaged primer can fail to ignite and if it's not flush it probably won't go into battery. I have and have used the Lee primer tool, what you are describing is operator error. I can't remember ever having tipped primers using it. Of course you could be experiencing "crimped" primer pockets on the brass. They may either hook or prevent the printer from being pushed in straight.


If you are going to stay with hand priming the brass I would recommend the Franford Arsenal unit, https://www.frankfordarsenal.com/perfect-seat-hand-primer/110006.html.


Great kit and the leverage of the design requires less hand pressure.

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If your brass primer pockets aren’t crimped then more than likely your not releasing the lever enough or are starting to press it before the brass is fully seated in the shell holder. This will flip the primer over. Also make sure you have the proper insert installed for the primer size you are using. Using the large primer punch on small primers will flip them also. 

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