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Kimber stovepiping


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Here is my issue.  I am loading summit lead 200 grain SWC bullets over 6.3 grains Rad Ramshot Zip.  The OAL is 1.267 per the Hodgdon

website.  The problem is the gun a kimber Classic Target with an ED Brown compensated barrel is consistently is stove piping

with that load.  I went to a 13lb recoil spring, it is better but not by much.  I do not have a chronograph.  I have a feeling that the OAL is too

much therefore the pressure is too low to cycle the action. There are no pressure warning signs on what I am shooting.  Does anyone

have a suggestion.  Thanks.


Tony L.

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By my Western powder manual 6.2 was max at that oal. But then again they show 6.5 on a plated 200 SWC at 1.205. What do your cases look like? Are they sooty down the side? If so, and If it were mine I’d try seating some @ 1.250 & maybe shorter by .010” increments and see if that helps. I wouldn’t go anymore than .030 without dropping the charge a couple of tenths. 

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10 hours ago, ChuckS said:

FWIW, I loaded 1.245 for 200 SWC. That was the most reliable feeding. For stovepipes, order a chrono and find out what your load is doing in your gun.

That’s the magic number for all of mine also, 1.245-1.240. 

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On 10/12/2022 at 9:31 AM, aplthird said:

I believe I found the problems.  I reduced my OAL and on top of that I had to open up the lips of my magazines.  The round was sitting too low.

I need to get a chronograph, I compared my reloads to factory and the recoil is much less than factory. 



Your recoil is going to be less than factory for two reasons.  First, you are not loading to factory velocity.  Second, you are shooting through a comp.  That is going to soften the felt recoil, and reduce velocity.  If your comp is anywhere near efficient, you lose the jet effect of gases exiting the muzzle.  Instead, the gas is being redirected up by your comp ports.


BTW, the more you 'work' you comp, the lighter the recoil spring you will need.

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