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Lee Factory Crimp Die (w/o the crimp parts) on 1100 Priming Station?

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In a perfect world every reloader should roll size and pre-process once fired brass. But that's not the reason I started this thread.


During a regular USPSA match season, I shoot around 15k - 20k rounds. I have a full time job and 1 young kid (2nd kid coming very soon), so I am looking for a solution to reduce the chance of the case gauge failure as much as possible without investing extra money and time for a rollsizer and brass pre-processing. I would be happy if I can reduce my current failure rate (currently at 5+%) to ~1% when loading with mixed headstamp range pickup brass. BTW, I wet tumble with ss pin and case lube all my brass with Hornady One Shot.


The toolhead arrived last Friday. As planned, I installed a 9mm Lee FCD on priming station. Crimping parts are removed so it does not form an enclosed space with the case in the priming station. This way I have the peace of mind knowing an accidental primer detonation wouldn't cause any damage other than a loud sound. Safety first.


Some have said that Dillon carbide sizing die is a full length sizing die and it should, when set up properly, ensure the cases pass case gauge, with the exception of those with glock bulge. It should be when there is no die installed on any other station, meaning when the press is used only for brass pre-processing. I don't have time for pre-processing. During normal reloading process, when tolerance stacks up from a lot of places, like the case mouth expander/swage hold down die, or the case mouth flaring by the powder funnel, there is a fairly high chance that the Dillon sizing die would NOT go all the way down, leaving a few thousands of an inch of the case un-resized. That's when the FCD comes in handy. 







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Mighty armory has spring loaded hold down dies. I use one with the stronger yellow spring for swage and the green spring for priming. This allows me to use mixed brass and the spring absorb the case web thickness differences.


I got the CNC toolhead. Basically anything providing hold down makes for better primer seating. I used Lyman pro dies and their expander die over the priming station just fine. I did have tk modify the primer bar bracket for clearance just fyi.



I can’t upload other pics cause they are too large or some crap. This one shows the hold down pin. 


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