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Shadow 2 Safariland 579 GLS or Blackhawk Omnivore


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I have a couple of great holsters for my Shadow 2 but I may "need" to get another holster. It's for a local LE match and my GX Vice won't work for the division I'm shooting in. I don't want to spend tons on a holster I'll not use a lot.


I've been looking at the Safariland 579 (appears the 576, 577, 578, & 579 are the same except for the hanger) and I've also looked at the Blackhawk Omnivore. I'll be using one of my own holster hangers btw.


For the Safariland does the Shadow 2 fit the 577, 578, or 579 in the Long (*683) or the Wide Long (*450)?


Does the Blackhawk Omnivore work with the Shadow 2? The Omnivore comes in both light bearing and non-light bearing and I can run the gun in the LE match with or without my TLR-1.


Thanks in advance.

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The omnivore works great, both versions work with the S2 although I would suggest the TLR1 version as the nonlight version requires these tiny little mounting tabs that you attach to the picatinny rail that may get lost when not in use.


The TLR1 version retains the pistol via the light, and those are large enough not to misplace. 

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