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Mp5 8.5" barrel(ish) suppressed @ 7500' elevation


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Hello BE forum


Seeking a starting load for; H&K Mp5 8.5"(ish) barrel with suppressor @ 7500' elevation.  The 7500' ele is what gets me.  I've never made adjustments for 7500'

For powder my options are; AA#2, AA#5, W231 (HP38) and Titegroup.  147gr RN Berry's as a projectile.    Of course I want to stay subsonic around 1000fps. 

Any and all advice appreciated.  Yes, I will chrono.

Thank you!




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Speed of Sound Calculator


Speed of sound has more to do with temperature than pressure altitude.


3.5 grs of TG is my sub load with 147 gr plated (one of the few areas where I’ve gotten exceptional accuracy from  plated bullets). That’s my go to load. HP38 when i had it was about 3.7-3.8 for sale velocity.


Custom built AR-9 with 5” suppressed barrel is right around 960. 


Plug some number in

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