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1050 with CNC toolhead ?’s

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Really nice toolhead by the way. Glad I grabbed 2 from the last batch they are making. 

Those of you with this toolhead I have some questions. The top has tapped holes for something and I don’t know what. They are blind holes so it would be to bolt something on top. It won’t let me upload a pic cause the file is too large. 


Also they made it to work with no ratchet system. The threaded pin that retains the ratchet has no flange to retain the ratchet like the Dillon one. I think most of you run without the ratchet so I guess this is why. I never have but it does seem nicer without it. I wish the hole was threaded the same size as Dillon so I could choose but no such luck.


I don’t know if it’s my OCD or not but I’ve always noticed if let’s say I have just 1 piece of brass in the sizing station and I lower the handle the tool head at the very end of the bottom stroke will tilt ever so slightly. I have to squat down and eyeball straight across the toolhead to see it. Obviously the shell plate isn’t loaded up and there is uneven pressure at one position as opposed to being evenly spread out once loaded up. But is this just what happens and not an issue?


Little Dillon quirks make me eye that mark 7 Apex 10 press. It looks so precision and perfect which checks all my OCD boxes. I am all Dillon and have been for so many years I so I’d hate to start all over. Are these presses really that nice more than a 1050? Any thoughts?

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