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Anyone using Anti Spatter Spray to reduce comp buildup?

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I started using anti spatter spray in my comp to reduce buildup between cleanings in my PCC and 22. Nice thing with the 22 is I can screw my comp off and drop it into solution. 

I’m not sure I notice much if a difference. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or I just can’t get the good stuff in California?

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Weld-Kleen Heavy Duty, a convenient solvent based, quick-drying aerosol that allows for pre-heat, higher duty cycles and higher temperature applications. Excellent for fixture and tooling protection. Paintable, non-flammable, no fluorocarbons.


Base metal and fixture applications become easier to clean and remove unwanted weld spatter. Regular use of these products reduces the need for grinding and other clean-up tasks. Cuts costs by reducing downtime. 20 oz aerosol can.

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17 minutes ago, Scrounger said:

What’s your cleaning regimen? Maybe I’m applying it wrong?


For my revolver I clean the gun, spray it on, shoot it, wipe it off, reapply.



For my PCC, I clean the comp, apply it, shoot jacketed bullets, apply more, shoot it more, apply more....


...never clean the comp, don't care.

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