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Harrts Recoil Reducer question


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Hi- I am asking a question about Harrts Recoil Reducers, these were discontinued many years ago. I got 2 at an estate sale and plan to sell them on EBay but don’t feel confident that one of them is the right part. I don’t want to sell something that is wrong. I have searched and searched trying to find a picture of the one I think is wrong but no luck so far.


I got a Commander one and a Sig 220/226 one. The Commander one looks right. The Sig one isn’t supposed to have a spring (according to the directions you use the factory spring) but it is obviously very different than the Commander one. Is this right or did the original owner just put another rod into the Harrts container for safekeeping?  Thank you for any help!  I have included pics of both for reference. 



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I agree with Konkapot, but I'd also check to see if the Commander is truly a Harrts....  (I am a little suspect of the 1911.  That material looks like stainless steel from the photo.  Harrts units were aluminum.)


The easy way to confirm what he said is to shake the guiderods.  If it feels like something is moving around in there, it is a Harrts.  (That is a blob of mercury rattling around.)  If it doesn't rattle, it's probably the OEM one and the Harrts is still in the pistol.

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