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230 Grain Pin Loads


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On 9/5/2022 at 10:16 PM, Carmoney said:


That would work, and then some!  I ran .44 and .45 revolvers for years at pin matches, until I acquired a custom 7-shot Model 27 from none other than our host, Brian Enos.  Having that extra round made a big difference.  (That was before the factory was making any of the 8-shooters, of course.)  


I only shoot one pin match a year anymore (the 2022 event is coming up next Saturday), but that Baumannize 27 is the gun I always use.  

Any online info for this match ? I live in Kansas now and maybe can look into it for next year.. I have shot a few Steel challenge matches in the Topeka KS area,  Havent heard of any pin matches.


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My once-a-year pin match is a casual private event for a group of friends who used to shoot all the major pin matches (Second Chance, Texarkana, Garden City, Kansas City, Waterloo) together, about 30 years ago.


We run a main event, a revolver (8 pin) event, a rimfire event (with mini-pins), and a shotgun match.


Plenty of shooting, and even more nostalgia.    

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Wow. I haven't shot pins for years. One load I remember best was my 38/357 revolver load, I cast Lyman 358627, a 215-ish gr GC design with dual grooves an a Keith type nose. My load back then was 3.5 gr of 700X for slightly better than airgun velocities. The pins seemed impressed by this load. 230 gr. cast LBT LFNs for 45 ACP in my 1911, and 124 gr cast FNs for 9mm. My 44 mag Redhawk was actually downloaded to hot 45 ACP levels.


After several years, it just wasn't fun anymore, we had a crowd of IPSC shooters move in with race guns and optics who kind of ran the more casual shooters off. There were no equipment rules, and a guy shooting a single action revolver could often find himself up against one of the race gunners. I guess I'm saying that the equipment race ended my interest there.

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