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4 hours ago, Toolguy said:

Good luck, Matt! And everyone else, too.


Appreciate it! I'm not hugely optimistic this time around - my shooting has been kinda off lately - but it's always a fun match. And it's hard to pass up on Cameo.

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On 8/11/2022 at 8:44 AM, leadaddict said:

I'll be an SO, likely on bay 13, and shooting CCP on Tuesday & Wednesday with my G19.


Nice to meet you!


Nats was challenging. I started to trainwreck on day one but managed to recover and put together a good match on day two. I finished third overall and first in Sharpshooter.


I also did the Dicken Drill challenge and got a pair of coins on my first two tries. That was pretty cool since I have a six-shot gun.

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6 hours ago, matteekay said:


Nice to meet you!


You as well! I’m glad your match turned around. I had a great time last week. Despite a few boneheaded mistakes and totally missing a drop-turner, I finished 1st place CCP SS with a match bump to Expert.


Running the timer all week on stage 9 was fun. It was one of my better stages so it was good for my ego to see how many people I beat on that one. It always stinks to work a stage you sucked on!

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