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Gen 4 G17 Setup for CO


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I primarily shoot open with 2011's but have a Gen 4 G17 that I bought a few years ago when I got a job that provided that as a duty gun.  It's basically sitting unused and I figured I'd set it up as a CO gun to play around occasionally.  I have zero experience with Glocks other than carrying one for work and we aren't allowed to modify it in any way so it is stock. 


I don't want to go crazy on it but simply make the trigger a bit better and get the right recoil spring in it.  Currently it barely ejects my old Production ammo that made 135 PF out of a Shadow.  Any recommendations on a setup?

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13# Recoil Spring on a tungsten rod, 25 cent Trigger Job, Jentra butt plug, and a correctly-installed MOS plate/Optic combo.  An advanced option would be to make a paste of fine tungsten chips and epoxy to fill in the backstrap channel, just to add some non-reciprocating weight to the gun.


You can use a titanium or lightened steel Firing Pin in a Gen4. 


I wouldn't install suppressor height sights on a competition-only gun, as it tends to draw your eye back into a front sight focus instead of a target focus.

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