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Basepad selection?


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Looking to buy some standard and added capacity basepads for my large frame mags. Standard capacity for IDPA and added for USPSA CO. What's everyone using up to 2022? 


I like the design of the Henning stuff. Does anyone know if it fits the IDPA box? The standard that is. 


Also, is the Grams kit reliable if everything else in spec?


Any differences in PD, Shockbottle, or Henning? Fit/Finish? Reliability? 



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Grams is reliable, Ben uses shock bottle. I can ask Joe @PatriotDefense if his fit box. I'm sure they do. There IS differences. I will not bias here but just tell you straight forward.


PD. uses a set screw to keep pad from sliding off 140pads, PD pads match and fit beautifully to ID of 9mm mags


Henning. Uses a spring loaded Keeper apposed to a set screw and also fits and finished beautifully.


Shock Bottle uses the bottom spring plate button for basepad retention to stay on.


I THINK shock bottle does brass pads and I know for sure PD does; not sure about henning.


I've used all basepads for cz and tanfo.

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