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SC ranges with open bays

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I work in Sumter, SC and there are times when i'll have a Friday off on or about once a month and i'd like to find a range that has open bays for people to shoot at. Is there any place around me that would accommodate this? 

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1 hour ago, GigG said:

Have you Googled "sumter sc shooting range"?

i have but none are open bays where i can practice movement drills. there are two in vicinity of my location but they are stationary shooting lanes. 

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This comes up as the nearest USPSA club near you.   And here's the USPSA Club listing https://uspsa.org/


Kershaw County Practical Shooters
Club Code: SC17

Range Address:
25 Mesa Lane
Lugoff, SC 29078

Club Contact Information
Sherra Scott
(803) 310-7977


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I’m tracking midcarolina and lugoff host USPSA matches but do they allow people to rent bays to shoot for practice? I’ll try to call during work (which is a s#!t show this week since everyone is rushing for Independence Day weekend) but figured someone in the forum would know. 

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