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Many of you have probably noticed in the last year or two, that you would search the forum for something that you knew was there, but the search function wouldn't pull it up. Yet, You could do a search on Google and the topic would come up. This was due to a system upgrade at the hosting platform, which automatically archived any thread which had not been posted in for three years. When the thread was archived, it would not show up in search results, and if you found it through the google search, you could read the topic, but not post in it. 

We searched and searched, read page after page, about how to correct this...and finally, last week, we (I should say the hosting company) found the fix. So, now all topics are now unarchived and searchable. 

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Nice upgrade!  WooHoo and thanks!!!

The BE Forums is one resource on my go to list whenever I'm looking for info about a particular firearm or any subject involving competition shooting.  Many times discussions that took place years ago are still relevant to answer a question that you might need an answer to today. 

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