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Dillon 750 problem in Station 1

Jeff O

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My press has gotten to the point where I have to reach around behind the case at Station 1 and gently center it under the de-capping die at a minimum of 2 out of 10 strokes of the handle. I've tried adjusting the camming pin, the cam itself and the case insert slide cam. I'm at a loss, this makes loading 9mm a real chore.

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is the shell plate stopping on the index ball?  I know it is possible to set or reset the timing

and before you do that it is a good idea to check other items.

one item it to make sure the shell plate is free of debris.


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I had this same issue and it was my cases were not inserting all the way.  Or sometimes they would almost bounce off the shell plate if I was going too fast.

The solution was I ordered one of those bearing kits on Bay and really snugged down the shell plate and then adjusted the case feeder shuttle in as far as I could.

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hmmmm.  case bounce... ok. that makes sense. 

that may explain the grease on the underside of the slide bridge.


Does the 750 press primers in so reliably that you don't have to slow

to feel the primer is right?






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This topic comes up on a fairly regular basis. Both here and on many FB reloading groups.


Google is your friend... but to summarize:


1. reset your decapping die. loosen the lock ring; run a full shell plate up into place; tighten lock ring.

2. tune your case insert slide; make sure it's pushing the case in far enough; make sure it's not pushing it in too far; you get bounce back.

3. examine your station 1 locator; they can get dinged up

4. if all else fails disassemble the case insert slide mechanism and examine the interior; ensure that the spring is sound and that the interior has not worn at the contact points with the spring assembly; this will not be obvious from the outside; you have to take it apart.


Also... a lot of problems go away after a good cleaning and lubrication; your machine should run just fine without a bunch of aftermarket parts.

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I had the same issue not to long ago, for me simple fix.  


First I disassembled the press, cleaned and lubed the parts according to dillion. Reset the decapping die (ran the plate to the top of the stroke, screwed the die down till it touched the shell plate then a quarter turn out. Locked it down with a case in place.) Lubed up the case insert guide and had to slightly back out the case feede rod.


That sloved my problem. 

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Dillon has a tip how to set the rod for the case feeder travel into the shell plate on a  help video for 750 .

You place a primed case in the priming station2 and hold the handle forward, then with the handle forward adjust the rod so that it just pushes the brass into the shell plate without bounce back.  The case in station 2 sets the handle position for consistent travel.

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For anyone else who's had this problem (like me) and has a 3d printer, you can make a shell guide that solves this problem with 9mm: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5243855


also 45acp: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5247372


For me if I were to go too quickly the shell would bounce back enough to get stopped. I have a Redding die, which has a smaller circumference so I had to scale down the design a little to have it fit snuggly. After that it runs much much better.


I can make these too if you need, just hit me up.

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