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PD Sledge Hammet


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I have an early prototype.   It seems to be a great hammer.  The biggest plus over the tanfo hammers is the aggressive lining on top. Makes lowering the hammer more  confident on hot and sweaty days.


Da/sa pulls are similar to the titan but a pencil test gives higher launches. I have the "heavy" version. 

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I heard it was quite impressive. Haven't personally used. I believe they are are through hardened and have a very short hook engagement. @PatriotDefense. Friend said paired with the right disco and sear it is pretty darn sweet and "hits d*** hard"

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I wanted to add a review about the new hammer.


Replaced the Titan hammer on a Defiant Stock Master with a new sear and the PD Sledge Hammer using a PD 15.5lb optimized hammer spring, I have to state the DA hit is vastly improved. It appears PD has slightly changed the geometry of the hammer because the length of throw in both DA and SA is increased over the Titan. With the same BOLO now even the hardest SP primers go bang with the DA hit. The old pencil test added about 3 inches to the DA hit over the Titan. The only change is the DA pull is about .5 lb higher (6.8 lb), probably because of the increased throw.


Because the Stock Master is really nose heavy I installed the PD Brass thin Aggressive grips to help balance the gun a bit better. Without a doubt these are the most "aggressive" grips on the market. They literally wore the skin down on my support hand. 


For the most part I now shoot CZ S2 in CO, but I would highly recommend the newPD Sledge Hammer over the stock or Titan. 

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17 hours ago, N7VY said:

I have one. Doesn’t set of my CCI primers any differently than the titan hammer. Looks better though. 

If both hammers make primer go bang, how would you know if there was a difference? 😉

I was just making a review of my experience with the product for others. You might add what hammer spring you’re using because that too would help others in making a purchase decision. 

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