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TLR-1/HL clone???


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Ok, so now I “need” a WML, and went and bought a Streamlight TLR-1/HL light that’s actually pretty cool. It’s almost too nice to beat up in USPSA matches. I’ll probably move it to my house Gun instead. 

Who makes the closest knock-off of the TLR1/HL that is dimensionally accurate so it will work in my holster?  Ideally looking for something in the $25-$50 range. I don’t really care how well it works, so long as it meets the Carry Optics definition of “functional”. 


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2 hours ago, kenjataimu said:

Id try AliExpress, that sounds to be both the price range and the model you’ll find easiest.

Thanks, I poked around there, but most of theirs are the X300 clones.  If I hadn't already ordered a holster for the TLR-1, I'd pick up a couple of the X300 clones and go that route.  Oh well, live and learn.


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