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How many rounds will 1 lb of powder make 9mm?


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Yup, just like Raydee says.

For me, I use TiteGroup powder and use just shy of 4.0gr to load 124gr 9mm bullets.

So, 7000gr in 1 lb divided by 4.0gr = 1,750 rounds per pound of powder.



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Yeah, it really depends on the powder/bullet/etc.

Typical load range for 9mm is very roughly anywhere from a little less than 3 grains on up to about 7 or 8 grains for "normal" loads and if you are talking 9mm major then more than that.

So there can easily be a 3 to 1 difference in how many rounds you might get out of a pound depending upon which two powders you are comparing.

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On 6/20/2022 at 3:25 AM, CalvinCDixon said:

I am new to reloading. How many rounds will 1 lb of powder make 9mm? 

7000g to a pound.  I use 4.7 g of CFE pistol so I can get about 1,489 rounds.  

I say about because your press does not always drop exactly the same every time.  You can do a lot to tune up your press but you’ll see variations of * -  .1 g and over a 1,000 rounds that adds up. 

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Depends on the charge weight. But there is still only 7,000 grains per pound. And Dillon powder measures usually throw +/- .1 grains for sugar powders, and more for corn flake powders. Powder is still the cheapest part of reloading components.

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