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P320 X5 Legion TXG Large grip module


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Just picked one up for my new X5 Legion. I have huge hands (XL-XXL glove size) and this is MUCH improved for me than the medium sized grip module!!! My biggest complaint about the medium was I didn’t have enough room for my support hand grip on it. While the Large size isn’t huge…it’s quite noticeable. An unexpected benefit is that the beavertail doesn’t rub the heck out of my thumb knuckle either. I’ll probably buy another one to send off for silicon Carbide treatment and just sell the basically new medium size grip that came with the gun. 

I hadn’t seen much discussion on these Large grips, so thought I’d post for fellow “Baseball Glove” hands folks!

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I don’t have a large TXG grip, but am using a couple of the regular large X5 grips on full size P320s.

I need to order a TXG for my X5 legion. The large grip isn’t much bigger than the medium but makes 

a big difference for me in hand.

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