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Tribute to MY Dad


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Well like a lot of You, I lost my Dad many years ago. I am a baby boomer. We some time don’t realize how important our Dad’s are in our life until they are gone. My Dad taught me to fish,hunt,camp,work on my own car. Maybe because he didn’t have money to take it to a real mechanic. He told me once a man’s name is all he’s got. Yes he was in the war. Not a great man by many standards but we always had a home plenty of food, and once a week he bought a six pack of Pepsi cola. In my eyes a real hero and a great man and father. Sometimes we realize that way to late. Anyway Happy Father’s Day. Daddy

Eddie hughes . Your son

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My Dad & Mom are 89 & 88.

 I live out of state but visit often. I cherish time spent with them. 

Sadly, my wife unexpectedly passed away 2 years 3 months ago.

She was 62. I miss her every day.

I know the importance of quality time spent with family.  

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