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More annoying noob questions.


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Hello all, and thank you for suffering through this noobs silly questions. I do appreciate any input, info and suggestions you can give me.20220615_211204.thumb.jpg.5ab0118b7ab8fb1e6956a6d52b236014.jpg

I picked up this older STI build for what I thought was dirt cheap. I was expecting it to have issues because of the price, even though I went over it with a fine tooth comb. Surprisingly, it runs top notch. Came with 4 mags and all run flawlessly. My question is, what do I have? I was hoping someone could just rattle off what comp is on it and maybe what barrel. I know, more pics would help, but that will have to come later. Comp has 3 chambers, the only markings are .355 on the hood, it accepts long loaded 9mm bullets and there are no other holes. (popples?)

Also, I have started a load workup with CFE and CCI magnum primers topped off with Xtreme plated 124 rn loaded to the same length that I load my standard 9mm for other guns. I have reached 7 gr. CFE so far with minimal pressure signs. I did notice at 6.8 gr. that the comp woke up and really started to do its thing, and group size shrank noticeably. I would like to get to 7.4 gr. just to be sure I'm hitting major (I know, use a chrony.) That's a plan for the future I guess. What do you all think? 


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Unless you like blowing your gun up and hurting your face, +1 to getting a chrono, or borrowing one or something. 


That panel cut on the back of the slide gives me a Mark Krebs vibe; in time someone will be along to give a better answer. 


I'd also recommend getting screws in those holes on the mount asap. 

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1 hour ago, scooterj said:

Are you sure that it’s 9mm?  A gun of that vintage may be 38Super or 38Supercomp. All the barrels are the same until the gunsmith cuts the chamber. 

Yes, it is cut for 9mm. I thought that myself when I first saw it and double checked it, even though the previous owner told me it was a 9.

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Ok, so I worked my load up to 7.4 gr. CFE with 124 gr. Extreme bullets. Still no excessive pressure signs, comp is working great and I did chrono the load. 1,431 fps average, 28fps variation (1,426 low, and one jumped up to 1,454.) I think I will bring it back down to 7.2 gr., that will still keep me comfortably in major pf and seemed a little more accurate. Thank you all for your help.

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