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Mounting ELS (& QLS) forks on a CR Speed Belt

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I've got a CR Speed 2 belt competition setup with a velcro inner belt.  I bought several Safariland ELS kits and 1 QLS kit that I would like to mount to the outer belt.

What's the best way to mount these to a CR Speed belt?  Drill/punch and fasteners?


I found a post on this years ago, but I don't have the link anymore.  Any tips and specific parts I'll need to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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Just FYI if you’re planning to use a QLS attachment for your holster.  We had two guys on my squad at a local match running the QLS mounts for their holsters attached to a Safariland mid-rise belt attachment that put them past the distance requirement from the inside of the inner belt per 5.2.5.  Both were shooting Carry Optics.  Had they been shooting Limited, L10 or Open they would have been fine, but on their setup the QLS added about an extra 1/2” which put them out past the width of an overlay.  

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I just drilled through my Black Scorpion Gear belt and screwed the my Safariland ELS and QLS receivers directly to the my belt.  This might also work for you.



Good Luck and Be Safe!!!


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