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Software to create Stage designs

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Hi guys,

Am designing some stages for an IPSC shoot at my local New Zealand club.

Have been looking through stagedesign dot info for inspiration, and have noticed how many 3D designs there are.

Was wondering if anyone knows of any software I can use to do stage design with?

Not something like CAD, where I have to create everything from scratch. But USPCA/IPSC specific software with all the elements already loaded.

Thanks guys!


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You shouldn't have to create anything from scratch.  There should be plenty of 3D models out there in .stp and .igs formats for you to import into your CAD engine


Here's one for example: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/f5acc56f-7836-44f1-9d85-29e8fe9c7394/USPSAIPSC-Stage-Design-For-Indoor-Use?hl=en



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