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Defiant Master Small Frame Mags for CO


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anyone here running a Small frame for CO? I bought a an IFG Defiant Master Stock and was playing with the mags for capacity using a grams kit for Mecgar CZ and Henning CZ pads the follower seems too big for the tube.

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17 hours ago, N7VY said:

Yup, small frame. IFG has started to import them. EAA stopped importing small frame 20 years ago. The plus side for you is that your small frame Tanfoglio will use CZ mags. 

Thank i ordered some CZ mecgar mags i think that will clear this stuff up.



Thanks for the Info guys... I appreciate it been a while and got a bit confused.

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Tried the Mecgar tubes and stock IFG SF tubes with grams guts and Henning pads. the henning pads hit the bottom of the frame and will not seat mags.

i need to try the TTI and Patriot defense pads if it will allow me to seat the mags

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