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Want to replace the OEM front sight on my Glock 20


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I am considering a fiber optic in green since this is used as a paper puncher and occasional hunting (vermin) in low light.  Anyone have any experience with FO front sights?  Preference?  Thanks. 

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I've used and installed many of the Dawson fiber front sights and myself, I usually use the green fiber as I like how it still lights up like a fiber optic but doesn't "interfere" as much as the red to me.  Dawson is great to work with and makes great products.

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Although GREAT in bright daylight, a fiber optic is going to be of limited benefit in low light conditions.


My G20 wears a set of AmeriGlo night sights.


My only caveat would be to watch the height of the front sight.  Large Frame Glocks generally require either a taller rear sight or a shorter front sight than the Small Frame guns.  My 17s and 34s use a .200 front; the 20 uses a .165 tall.


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Truglow TFX pro


I have them on my Gen 3 G20, as well as several other pistols.


I’m an evangelist for red dots, but if it’s not a competition pistol and it still has iron sights these are my go too. So, if it’s a pistol I carry, these are the sights. 

I’m 48 and my vision is just starting to deteriorate slightly. I have no problem picking these up with or without my glasses. 

They are bomb proof, and reasonably priced. Less than $100 on Amazon. 

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4 hours ago, trebore said:

Appreciate the replies.  What about durability (protection of the FO rod)?

I typically find my FO rod becomes sooty far before it breaks.  I typically replace them every 6 months or so just to keep them bright.

I do keep spares in my range bag and did have to use it one time.

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