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Mags not dropping out


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Shot my LTT in a match yesterday. Almost every reload. I had to grab the mag and pull it out. Could get them to drop free. 
they drop free if it’s an empty mag or completely full but if I’ve shot half a mag, it won’t. 

my theory is the top bullet is sliding forward and not allowing the mag to drop free. 


would extra power mag springs help? Mecgar 18 round mags. 

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1 hour ago, Stony Lane said:

Are your grip screws possibly too long?

Not sure. Maybe? 
I would think it would hang up regardless if that was the case. This is only after I’ve shot a couple rounds and go to do a reload 

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Check the sides of the mags for rub marks; either from grip screws or debris. 


Remove the mag release and confirm that the mags drop free. 


Confirm that ALL mags do it, not just one of the mags. 


The top bullet sliding forward used to happen to me with singlestack mags; new spring fixed the problem. Never had it happen with Beretta mags, but seems possible. 

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