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Mag extension Mod?


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I’m jumping into uspsa CO division next month. I’m trying 140mm mag extensions for the first time and noticing my support hand pinky no longer has the lip of the stock magazine to press against. This is really messing with the fundamentals of my grip.


Is there a magazine extension that mimics that 1/4” lip on a stock magazine or is there some legal mod I can do (wrap a bunch of grip tape on the extension?) If there’s nothing to be done, any advice for dealing with the pinky as it kind of falls off the front of the grip?

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You must have huge hands, my support pinkie wraps around my strong hand and comes nowhere near the magwell. Picture is with the Taylor Freelance brass extension.

If you need to feel something you can add tape or otherwise modify the mag extension all you want - you just can’t modify the frame. 


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